Tuesday, 17 April 2012

SLMC Sticker

StadtLand MC, a great artist from Vienna, asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to design a sticker for his Hip Hop/Jazz Rap Project. Due to the fact that SLMC is very much focused on recording his own instrumentals with real instruments (Sorry MTV!), and that he is heavily influenced by Jazz, Funk, Reggae and 90's Hip Hop, we immediately thought of putting an audio cassette (MC) on the sticker and therefore make it catchy to the eye...

After a few tries, I came up with the idea to draw an audio cassette. Here is the original tape...

After a few minutes the tape looked liked this...

I then added some colour, the font and the website to the sticker!

Well, here it is...the finished product! Try to send your eye on a little spy and see if you can spot one of these stickers in Vienna! ;)

And also check out SLMC by clicking here:

Thursday, 2 February 2012

And Then Came Noise #1 (Punk/Wrestling Fanzine) - Part 3

I saved the best stuff for the 3rd Part of my ATCN artwork contributions. Right below you can not only see an octopus seducing a Ninja Turtles (Raphael...I always knew it!), and a wasted Krang, but also really cool logos for the Lotus Fucker interview and the Spastic Fantastic Records story...enjoy!

ATCN #1 Back Cover (2011)

Lotus Fucker Logo (2011)

Me Likes SFR (2011)

Click here for either Part 1

or Part 2

Buy the Zine for 2,50€ at:

And Then Came Noise #1 (Punk/Wrestling Fanzine) - Part 2

After drawing some "filler" artwork for the zine it was time to make some band/story related stuff, like a logo for an interview with professional hardcore wrestler Danny Havoc (a bit Simpsons inspired), or a funny "Kayfabe" parody of the japanese wrestlers Jaki Numazawa & Jun Kasai...

Danny Havoc Logo (2011)

Kasai & Numazawa break the Kayfabe (2011)

Kayfabe Logo (2011)

Check out Part 3 for some more artwork...

...or go back to Part 1

Buy the Zine for 2,50€ at:

And Then Came Noise #1 (Punk/Wrestling Fanzine) - Part 1

In late march 2011 a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to contribute some artwork for his first edition of a really cool fanzine called "And Then Came Noise", which deals not only with Punk, Hardcore and Noise, but also with Wrestling! Check it out at Black Trash Records...


After a classic slacker meeting we quickly came up with a few idees for some original artwork, which I then put onto paper.

The first thing that I came up with was the mascot for the zine. It was a character that I named "Pansy Hiro", who was later also featured in a manual for a special editon of a Lotus Fucker tape. (Link)


Here are a few pic of Hiro getting hit by noise...

In Your Face (2011)

Bleeding Forehead (2011)

Ear Detonation (2011)

Check out Part 2 for more NOISE!!!

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Friday, 20 January 2012

Lotus Fucker Tape (Part 2)

Oh, so you clicked on the 2nd part, huh? 
There's not much here, beside a raw drawing of the manual for the special edition tape release called "The Tale Of The Mighty Lotus (So Far)", as well as the finished version.

Rough Manual

The character in this manual is called "Pansy Hiro"! He's a japcore punk from Tokyo who loves long walks on sandy beaches and karaoke! CALL HIM at: 0190-IMAFAG

In the meantime he became something like the mascot for the Black Trash Records Punk/Wrestling fanzine called "And Then Came Noise", that will be out very soon...

Finished Manual

Although you can't buy the special edition of this release, there is still the chance to buy the tape itself by clicking the link below!

Click here for Part 1:

Lotus Fucker Tape (Part 1)

Here's the story...
One of my best Friends happens to be the commander and chief of Black Trash Records, an awesome Hardcore, Punk & Noise DIY Record Label that focuses on tape and vinyl releases only.

A few months ago I contributed some artwork to a special edition tape release by a noise-punk band from D.C called Lotus Fucker. The idea behind the special edition was a limited, custom-made plastic bag, which included a tape (The Tale Of The Mighty Lotus (So Far)), a lotus tea bag and a 7-step manual.

Lotus Fucker Special Edition #4

Not all of the artwork was made by me though! Dan & Mike of Chaos Destroy did the original artwork for this release. I only did some additional artwork, like the smashed face on the backside, the manual and the small lotus flower on the tape...

Hit by NOISE!!!

Tape Artwork

You can buy the tape here:

You mighty also wanna click here for Part 2:

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

"Zeit ist Geld" Artwork

So, I'm not only into heavy guitar music, but also into heavy lyrics and 90's Hip Hop stuff. And because of the fact that one of my best friends is a very talented musician and rapper called Stadtland MC, I had the chance to do a drawing completely based on his lyrics for "Zeit ist Geld" (Time is Money).

I was very much influenced by the surrealistic low brow comic artists like Robert Williams or Robert Crumb (Robert Art! hehe)
I know that some of you don't understand german, but I guess it is still pretty clear that the song is mostly about time and money. ;)
Here is the black/white artwork...

b/w Artwork (2011)

Later on, I added some colour to the whole thing!

colour Artwork (2011)

You can listen to the song right below! (btw. I'm playing guitar on this)

Thanks to Aaron Steiner aka SLMC!